FUKUOKA ENERGY CO., LTD. JAPAN is one of the top quality manufacturer of automotive batteries & automotive lubricants. Our products Lubricants & batteries are manufactured as per Japanese, American & European specifications for various type of vehicles. 

Fukuoka Energy has launched their exclusive brands of lubricant and batteries under the name of Samurai GT Motor Oil, Fukuoka Battery and Toyooka Battery. Fukuoka Energy has integrated the latest technologies in lubricants & batteries industry. Its range contains lubricants & batteries for cars, motor bikes, heavy duty vehicles and all other applications. Batteries for industrial cleaning machines, solar panels, scissor lifts, aerial devices, fork lifts, trucks, UPS and electrical tools. Fukuoka Energy has implemented their market potential with the latest Japanese technology & standard. We have an intensive confidence that all our brands under Fukuoka Energy has long lasting lifespan with warranty.

Fukuoka Energy is emerging with innovative products in the global market with new ideas and latest technologies in Lubricants and Batteries. We are providing complete satisfaction to our customers and consumers every time at every place of the world. We have been supplying automotive lubricants & batteries to all the global destinations with an extensive sales and distribution network which consists of our distributors, wholesalers and Retailers.

Samurai GT engine oil is recommended in Quality and standard for the requirements of global car manufacturers such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, MAZDA, HONDA, MERCEDES-BENZ, VW, VOLVO, PORSCHE, etc...


Our camping car page : https://samuraicampers.com/

Enjoy our complete range of batteries and lubricants  -  complete energy for life.


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