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Auto Spare Parts

Fukuoka Energy: Your Reliable business partner in Japan

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Japanese Used auto-parts great demand as spare parts for the overseas markets including almost all over the world. All appropriate used vehicle parts are carefully selected by Fukuoka Energy professionals. You can order all types of Used Car, Dump Truck parts, Auto Body Parts, Rebuilt Auto Parts, Refurbished Auto Parts, Auto Electrical Parts, Engine Parts of all types of Japanese makers and others used auto parts. These include Half Cut, Real Cut, Nose Cut and dismantled parts etc.

What Fukuoka Energy Sells

Fukuoka Energy sells all kinds of used auto parts to countries all over the world. They include parts in the form of Half Cut, Real Cut, Nose Cut, but not as individual parts. We mostly sell our used auto parts hole sale buyer to companies.

Used Auto Parts for Small Business Owners

Fukuoka Energy also helps small businesses import used auto parts from Japan in smaller quantities such as just one 20 ft or 40 ft container.

Container Packing

For you to have a better idea of costs involved in ordering a 20 or 40 ft” container, we have calculated the following. Please note we can load 10 half cut cars into a 20 ft” container While our staff will load 21 half cut cars in a 40 ft” container. Please ask for the freight charges of the container for your destination port.

Please note we request you 30% of payments once the order is placed and the remaining 30% will be payable at the time of B/L. We do not deal in parts via L/C as the only acceptable method for buying used parts from us is T/T. Telegraphic Transfer.

Fukuoka Energy Special Offer for Bulk Parts Customers

Fukuoka Energy has built a 12000 square meters wide yard. If you are interested in using our facility to cut cars, we will be glad to do so by offering the following services.


  1. Help process visa for two or three people from your company who will come to Japan, use our facility and cut cars according to your specific requirements
  2. Fukuoka Energy will provide of their space for your exclusive use
  3. We will also provide you all other tools, including forklift, cutters etc. to your employees which for the purpose of cutting cars etc.
  4. We will charge US$ 80 per Car or Truck to use this facility our yard for Half Cut or dismantle as yours self
  5. Fukuoka Energy will also provide all the support and help needed by you to purchase cars through our dealers and auction houses with no extra charges.

Your Advantage

  1. The most important benefit you will get by using our facility for cutting cars is that, you will be able to save costs by using it. Generally speaking, you will have to pay around 300 dollars for one half cut or dismantled, Japan labour salary is very high. However, if you decide to use our facility, you can pay small salary to your employees and they will be cut several dozen cars for you without any extra charge.
  2. Another equally important benefit of dealing with Fukuoka Energy Japan is that our staff is very experienced in cutting cars in a professional way such that engines. Door and other parts do not get damaged.
  3. We help you in all matters such as buying cars from local dealers and auctions, customs clearance, shipping arrangements and container handling etc. so that you can focus on your business and not on these side issues while in Japan.